Creating Audio on the Teensy 3.6

The very first thing I decided to tackle for custom pinball project was getting audio working. I wanted to work on this first because I figured it would be one of the most processor intensive tasks. It’s also something I’ve never worked with before in my life. It has turned out to be one of the easiest things I’ve ever done on a microprocessor as well. Continue reading “Creating Audio on the Teensy 3.6”

Controlling the Game

Every pinball machine needs a brain behind it. Something to control the lights, keep and display the score, play music and sound effects, and keep track of all the rules and game states. Older machines did this all mechanically, while more modern solid-state machines use a microprocessor. As an electrical engineer, I will, of course, be going down the path of a solid-state pinball machine by using a microcontroller. Continue reading “Controlling the Game”